I have been meeting with Pastor Tracey Armstrong for several years. I drive an hour and a half one way to meet with him.
He has given me wisdom and advice that has changed my life. It has greatly impacted my marriage, how I raise my kids and how I run my business.
Each time I meet with him I leave with something that is tangible and can be applied immediately in my life and business.
Chad Davis

President/CEO, Seaside Landscape, Inc.

“Pastor Tracey Armstrong is one of the greatest influencers (mentors) of our generation. Not only, a mighty man of God, an amazing husband and father, he has business mindset to lead with extreme excellence. His ability to forecast as a visionary is of the highest caliber and is a true blessing to all who come in contact with him.”

Josh Liske

world sales champion, International speaker, CEO, certified life & leadership coach, author, & Pastor , IHP Global, Inc. Kirkland, WA

IN’FLUENCE, n. [L. influens, influo, to flow in; in and fluo, to flow.] Literally, a flowing in, into or on, and referring to substances spiritual or too subtil to be visible, like inspiration. Hence the word was formerly followed by into.

Crowns Academy of Influence is a training program for those who believe that influence is God’s perfect plan for their lives. This program is built on proven spiritual technologies that are designed to empower you to become more influential in your current sphere, as well as expand your sphere of influence. Crowns Academy of Influence is not for the person who desires to be rich, but for the person who understands that influence is the key to efficacy, efficiency, effectiveness, and economic increase; with this in mind we expect every Crowns attendee to experience material and monetary increase. We are so confident that Crowns Academy of Influence tools and technologies will produce increase and influence that we are offering the course free of charge. We are expecting that the program will produce such increase and influence in the attendee’s life that the increase will be reciprocated back to the program after the effects of the tools and technologies. Crowns Academy of Influence is a 90-day, one hour a week online influence coaching program with Tracey Armstrong. We currently have room for 50 applicants each semester. We will prayerfully consider your application. Thank you for applying for Crowns.